Our work reflects our values

American Retrieval is the easiest way to get and manage records. We help our clients retrieve records of all types – from medical to billing statements to employment to x-rays and scans. We are the premier source for nationwide record retrieval services. We specialize in obtaining accurate medical records in record time.

We pride ourselves on our reliable one-on-one service, simple to use platform, and constant communication with our clients. These features ensures our clients are kept up-to-date on every request that comes into our system.

We know that our clients’ time is valuable and American Retrieval is here to help them make the most of it. It’s our job to make their jobs easier with features like OCR, document annotation, and the ability to merge documents to search for multiple keywords across records. We save our clients countless hours every week and we pride ourselves on our accuracy and reliability.

Our mission

To put people at ease by providing accurate and fast records, enabling our customers to work with efficiency and improve business operations through our meaningful innovation.

Our vision

When asked why they use American Retrieval, every client answers, “you make my job easy.”

Our values

Accountability – We do what we say we’ll do.
Accuracy – We provide reliable and accurate records to our clients.
Affordability – We put our clients first and won’t overcharge for our services.
Teamwork – We are committed to working together as one team.
Innovation – We innovate and constantly improve.