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The easiest way to get medical records.

Let’s face it: retrieving medical records can be a tedious and sometimes overwhelming process. When you go it alone, it can be difficult to predict the amount of resources you will need to devote to digital medical record retrieval. Whether you need to search for specific text, combine records, highlight information, or store records, it takes time and effort better spent on other areas of your business.

American Retrieval has an online portal that makes medical record retrieval effortless. Whether you are part of a law firm or insurance organization, the time you save with our powerful tools will help your business run more efficiently. Focus on what you do best, and use American Retrieval when it’s time to obtain patient records quickly and easily.


Achieve faster turnaround time with our specialized medical record transfer and sharing portal. Directly place national medical requests online using our user-friendly system. Configure the portal to meet your personal needs and preferences. Perform status checks on all requests at any time. Review medical records from any device. Share medical records with other team members or interested parties. All records are saved with American Retrieval’s HIPAA compliant servers in the cloud.

System Integration

Leverage American Retrieval’s advanced medical record transfer services to meet operational challenges and resource demands. Streamline and optimize the transfer of national medical records to your organization. Integrate American Retrieval’s system with your own ecosystem or use our adaptable system as your own. Whichever you choose, American Retrieval makes sure the record transfer is as easy and efficient as possible.


Convert text from images of paper documents into digitized documents in a matter of minutes, and perform key text searches using OCR retrieval services (optical character recognition). Our user-friendly OCR technology allows clients to easily highlight, annotate, sort, and consolidate your digitally scanned medical records. All of your records will be stored in your own library for ongoing reference, and can be accessed at any time.